Cascumpec Bay Oyster Company, a boutique-style, family-run business located on Prince Edward Island, is committed to growing and packing oysters of the finest quality in a safe and sustainable manner.  Our cultured oysters go through the tumbling process every year to encourage deep, round growth and a strong shell.  Combine this with a great meat-yield and flavour to match, our oysters prove popular among shuckers and consumers alike.

C.B.O.C. works with federal and provincial agencies to ensure we meet and exceed food safety standards.  We operate under the Quality Management Program, follow the strict HACCP guidelines and are regularly audited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, so you can rest assured our oysters are handled carefully and safely both in the packing plant and on our leases.

Interested in serving up our delicious oysters? Supply is limited, but go to our Contact Us page and we’ll do our best to set you up!

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